Valerina Gashi
Arlinda Morina

Quality Manager

I am Liridona, student at the Medical Faculty – Dentistry, and in parallel I work as Quality Assurance Officer at IQ to Link – Pristina.

In August 2015, I applied at IQ.

The main goal was to have a job so i can finance the rest of my studies. Within a few weeks after I started working i had the opportunity to be a Team Leader, a job that I very much liked and exercised for a year and a half.

The company has always been receptive to ideas and modifications that served to the growth and efficiency of work and the well-being of its workers. This freedom at work gave me the opportunity to develop as a Manager and as a personality, considering IQ as my primary job.

The company’s principles, such as maximum care for the worker’s needs and the space for independence and development, made me understand the saying, “Do the job with pleasure and you will not have to work a single day in life.”

Currently, I am part of Quality Management. The company’s full support enables me to be flexible with my schedule, and continue my career as a dentist.

Even after completing my studies, my desire is to continue to grow alongside IQ to Link’s plans, taking into account its many different projects in which each person can find space seeking for individual development, where particular emphasis has the value: Human.