Diellza Haxhiu
Arian Thaci

Head of Quality Management

After working for several years in various Call Center in Pristina, I applied as Quality Manager and Trainer in IQ to Link

I started in the position of Quality Manager and Training in a wonderful Team. At this time I learned many things, for example. how to notify the employee with their duties and responsibilities and to make sure that they value the quality during the execution of their duties. I greatly enjoyed the enthusiasm of young employees who were filled with passion to learn something new.

After a short time I was promoted as Senior Quality Manager for Quality and Training and only after a year and a half I took over the Quality Management and Training team.

I am happy to be part of a very large and successful team, where every time I can learn something new and develop on the basis of my contribution to work.

In IQ to Link we have a very human boss who does not underestimate the effort and the work done.