Arian Thaci
Liridona Bunjaku

Account Manager

When i saw that a German company would enable new jobs in Pristina, as a German language and literature graduate, i applied in the position as Call Agent.

For 9 Months I had the opportunity to pursue this assignment and after an internship where a Junior Account Manager was required I was accepted as part of the IQ to Link management staff.

My job is to keep the connections between the company and its customers. The goal is to nurture relationships, and to create new business connections.

Talent Management is the key to success and provides the future of IQ to Link. Also, collaboration with our employees, as our mainstay, has created a huge enthusiasm about our vision.

The reasons for doing this job with pleasure are the everyday challenges that do not allow work routines, and they help you to form a great personality and professional knowledge.

I have the honor to be part of a great and motivating staff.