Any questions?



1How can i find IQ-to-Link?
The building of IQ-to-Link is located in the street Bulevardi i Deshmoreve in the district Ulpiana, Prishtina
2How can i apply?
In the section career all current projects are listed. Please download the CV and send it to contact@iq-l.de.
3When are the opening hours?
The opening times are from Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.
4How can i get an offer?
Please send an email to contact@iq-l.de with all the information. Our account manager will contact you asap.
5How can I get to Kosovo?
The Kosovo requires no special entry documents except passport. The most used airlines for Germany - Kosovo are adria airways, germwanwings, eurokoha and airprishtina. The airport is located in the capital, Pristina, and is about 25 minutes drive away from IQ-to-Link.
6How are the language skills?
Because of the conflict in 1999, many Kosovars have grown up abroad; especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the proportion of Kosovars is very high. Therefore, the language quality is excellent and is on native speaker level.
7How does IQ-to-Link guarantee it's costumers data security?
The work of IQ-to-Link is based on the Federal Data Protection Act. Each employee of the company has signed a privacy statement at the beginning of his/her employment based on § 1, paragraph 1 BDSG and thus committed himself/herself to grant the protection of personal data.