IQ-to-Link is looking for staff for second location in Prizren
One year ago

IQ-to-Link opens a new production facility in Prizren. Thus, IQ-to-Link, now in addition to Prishtina, also has a job place in Prizren.

Interested applicants are welcome to apply.

In Prizren, Jens Reichenbach, CEO of the company, presented the management of IQ-to-Link and the company in which many employees are already working successfully. IQ-to-Link Prishtina is a success story: within 8 months, the site was established, the building completed, all employees selected and trained, so that in August 2015 production for the customer DHL Paket could begin.

More than 250 employees are already employed in Prishtina, working in a modern building with state-of-the-art technology. This success story is now to be continued in Prizren.

At the information event in Prizren Jens Reichenbach and his team presented the achievements so far and the next steps for the new Prizren location. The interested parties received important information, regarding the requirements, as well as an insight into the company philosophy.

The modern building in Prizren offers space for 250 workplaces and is currently being rebuilt for operation and technically furnished. If you would like to apply to IQ-to-Link in Prizren as a Call Agent, please send the application to prizren@iq-l.de.